Recent Fine Arts and Exhibited Work

Professional practice paintings created in the studio for personal exploration and gallery exhibitions. Included is the ongoing “nest series.”  


Sample work in this category consists of intriguing perspectives to accompany the selected text. Work appears in magazines, newspapers, posters, book jacket covers and web design. Alaiyo’s combination of technical expertise and ability to brainstorm quickly, makes her perfectly suited for illustration.  

Children’s Books

Accessibility is shown through the strong narrative elements used to communicate effectively with a targeted younger audience. Children’s books and samples from a series of Jr. Baseball League depictions are included here.

Commissions and Commercial Work

Printed work on business cards, cd’s, playing cards, promotional work, portraits, still-lives, paintings for exhibitions. Alaiyo is an artist with years of experience, and you can be assured excellent results on any project.

Specific categories of images can be seen on Alaiyo’s Facebook page: Flowers and Still-Lives
Other Examples: Sample sketchbook images