Alaiyo Bradshaw works in watercolor, color pencil, ink and graphite as well as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Adobe programs.

Commissioned Illustrations

Alaiyo has expertise painting and drawing private commissions for editorial, publications, children’s books, advertising, product design, flyers and websites. Alaiyo’s subject matter includes people, landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, animals, toys and flowers.

If you have a specific image in mind tell Alaiyo about the project or nature of the business and she will come up with a few ideas for you to choose from. When contacting Alaiyo please give a couple of sentences describing publication format, what you have in mind and your deadline.

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Private Commissions

Custom paintings include portraits, pets, houses, still-lives, flowers, and other subject matter of choice.

Please contact Alaiyo to discuss your individual needs and pricing.

Private Instruction

Alaiyo provides focused, systematic individual and small group classes tailored to the needs of her students in the use of traditional drawing and watercolor media.

You will develop eye, mind and hand coordination through the observation of people, places and things. Concentration will be on composition, line, shading and other approaches creating the illusion of space in a two-dimensional format.

Examples of materials and methods includes:

  • Graphite and charcoal, value, rendering drawings of strategically lit still-lives
  • Pen and ink wash of animals and nature
  • Figure drawing techniques in chosen medium
  • Color pencil drawings of interior spaces
  • Painting outdoor landscapes and close up elements in nature through watercolor

Lessons can be given as gifts to others. A painting class for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion is an unusual and thoughtful way to bring the world of visual arts to colleagues, friends and family.

Materials will be provided.

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