Parsons Student Exhibition

December 13th, 2018 | Posted by Alaiyo

Alaiyo’s Integrative Studio students are in an exhibiting! CONTEXT AND INTERPRETATION: HAZARDS, DISASTERS, AND VULNERABILITIES at Space 776 gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn until the 23rd. Th-Sun, 12-6.

The body of work is a showcase of innovative projects revolving around a series of remarkable case studies focusing on environmental and anthropogenic hazards and resilience. This exhibit’s goal is to share and learn through the students’ experiential explorations. The project outcomes are based on memories, individual and collective experiences, interviews, research and more.
The types of project showcased range from 3D objects, digital files, videos, costumes, paintings, drawings, photos, mixed media, found objects, installations, and text. Students used a wide variety of materials, drawing from their experiences in their first-year seminar and studio courses.
The inspiration, content and inner dynamics of the projects are driven and informed by a series of research essays, which explore a variety of interpretations of natural and human-made disasters. In this way, artists are relating their own individual experience to their context, while elevating it to a wider meaning.
The exhibition is inspired by a book titled Caribbean Vulnerabilities: Case Studies on Hazards, Risks, Disasters and Building Resilience by Denise Roberts, PhD
The project grew out of two classes: Integrative Studio: Memory and Integrative Seminar: Memory. The two courses bridge reading writing and studio practices.

The artists are First Year Parsons School of Design students including

Weijing Xiao, Lauren Forrest, Clare Hackwith, Julia Vidal, Annie Knott, Anna Xu, Sophia Beceiro, Samantha Chun, Aniek Hoevers, Eli Lange, Jade Li, Sofia Martin, Stephanie Granados, Victoria Zhang, Sydney Task, Kyle Latimer, Sophia Hayes