Mural Project – Design for Agency

July 15th, 2019 | Posted by Alaiyo

Taylor Kuhn, who is the Founder | Strategic Designer for Design for Agency –
invited me to create a mural as part of the #participatorydesign project completed with @q_gardens members and neighbors to inspire urban and ecological stewardship in response to the desire for less #wasteand better #management of it in the Flatbush area by residents.
What did we do?: We identified three trees outside of Q Gardens that were in dire need of protective guards—they were littered continuously, and the soil had no protection from animal (pet) waste and compaction from people walking in them, allowing water to wash right over the tree beds, and sending excess water and trash to NYC waterways.
In response, through workshops we examined some threads and origins of waste issues and organized into three themed groups that designed a tree pit guard that might begin to address three of these issues at the local level: 
1) Visual Vibrance 
2) Tree Ecology
3) Social Inclusion
Over 200 Flatbush residents participated in decision making and other volunteer efforts!