Personal Geographies, co-curated by Alaiyo Bradshaw, October 6 – 29

October 11th, 2022 | Posted by Alaiyo

“Personal Geographies showcases artists working in the intractable media of watercolor to explore the intersection between place and memory. This is a juried exhibition featuring works done completely or mostly in watercolor. The theme Personal Geographies is about exploring memories through objects, landscapes, and atmosphere which carries the weight and implications of personal histories and places.”


Alessandro Levato, Andrea Geller, Ben Katchor, Blair Thornley, Carla Lobmier, Carol Fabricatore, Carrie Hawks, Dina Weiss, Elizabeth Haidle, Farwah Rizvi, Hema Bharadwaj, Jill Shoffiett, John Patterson, Kelley Simons, Laura M Cleary Williams, Leah Reid, Maryanne Pollock, Melanie Vote, Phyllis Beinart, Rachel Walker, Riccardo Vecchio, Shiri Mordechay, Stephanie Rauschenbusch, Stephanie Tager, Sunny Chapman, Susan Strande, Warren Linn, YI-AN PAN, Yuko Takei


Thursday, Oct. 6th, 6-8 PM